Apartment renovation with a clear brief: to retain the existing structure and atmosphere as much as possible. Instead of stripping the apartment bare, we let ourselves be guided by the original elements and integrated new ideas into the old interior. Walls, doors and floors remained intact, creating a unique blend of old and new.

The kitchen was limited in space, so we decided to divide it into two zones. On one side we have low cabinets, creating an open and inviting feel. A minimalistic yet “heavy metal” shelve to place decorative and practical things. This side of the kitchen captures light and reflects it into the rest of the room. On the other side, we chose for high cabinets with integrated kitchen appliances as if they are hidden behind the wall.

Cool fact: the beige tiles are the original tiles in this kitchen. They were gently removed, well preserved to be reused.
 The choice of materials and colours has been carefully coordinated with the existing elements. Firmax produced and installed the budget-friendly kitchen, with walnut veneer cabinet fronts and a stainless steel worktop with integrated sink. At the entrance to the apartment, we opted for wall-to-wall cabinets.


For the bathroom design, we took a detail from the existing floor and scaled it to extra large over the entire space. The 10x10 terracotta Winckelmans tiles fill the space with a warm and inviting glow. The client wanted a simple, clean and open atmosphere for this bathroom.


All rooms feel connected through the openness, design choices and use of the same colours and materials. The result is a harmonious and stylish apartment that feels both modern and authentic.


Photos Eline Willaert