A unique renovation of a former fitness studio that is turned into a brand new hot spot to meet, stay, or play in the city center of Brussels.
This location was already a treat by giving me these beautiful wooden walls to reuse and integrate into the new concept.
From the first meeting on it was clear to me that this studio was ment to be an extraordinary welcoming place with an eclectic look.
This project has been designed, executed and decorated by Brock. Hanne van Vlierberghe for the upholstery.
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Pictures Kaatje Verschoren



A complete interior design with custom made furniture and decoration  for a casco penthouse. 
Architecture by Han Vanreusel
Pictures Joost Paulissen


Located at the Antoine Dansaertstreet 190, this giftstore used to be a former art gallery.
Together with Frederik Ceulemans, we created a retail design compatible with the brand identity of NEUF.
By using an integrated shelving system and two custom made counter cabinets the circulation of the shop feels easy and smooth.
In this retail design we only used soft tones and a combination of materials like copper, concrete textured panels and white.