This waterside penthouse is filled with natural light and has the nicest city view. The client travels a lot for work and wanted her own "hotel entrance" for the penthouse.

We selected warm and luxurious materials for this custom made interior design and decoration.
This home office is located at the more quiet side of the building, overlooking the industrial border of the city. A place to concentrate and focus so less gold and sparkles for this room. High cabinets and connecting desk made in smoked oak with an integrated low drawer for the small paperwork.

If I keep talking in hotel terms take a look at the " hotel lobby". A cosy area has been created to sit down and relax, read a book and enjoy the last rays of sunlight. Make yourself comfortable because the sun is setting behind you and the fireplace will keep you warm whenever you press play.

The bedroom isn't the biggest but it does have the ensuite marble bathroom. You'll find the bed standing before a huge bronzed mirrored wall to make the space look bigger. It reflects the light and gives a warm cosy atmosphere. Tiny bedside tables on each side that are integrated on the mirrored wall.

The dressing is made with the same smoked oakwood that you'll find in the entire penthouse. The doors of the dressing are covered in linnen fabric. The linnen fabric gives the opportunity to control the build-in tv from inside the bed.  The ensuite bathroom is completely covered with grande marble look ceramic tiles Capraia. A custom bathroom sink has been created especially to match the walls and fit on the furniture.

Photos Joost Paulissen