With its three dimensional composition, Tabeau functions more like an artistic instrument than a mere piece of furniture. Tabeau is discrete in nature!It hides secrets and is full of surprises. It is a source of one’s personal comfort, a lyric poem celebrating beauty and caring rituals, and an extension of someone’s personality. The diverse components of Tabeau include suitcases and drawers; storage space that could be assembled within its frame. With the aid of invisible magnets, each part remains fixed in its designated spot. You can use Tabeau while seated or standing as the framework can be positioned both horizontally or vertically. Tabeau is a puzzle that is simple to unravel! It is also a suitcase or drawer, allowing for convenient transportation so you can have your personal belongings with you anywhere you go. Its discrete beauty is strengthened even further by the valuable natural material used in its production. Tabeau is not only a treat for the eyes with its harmonious and iridescent colours, but also a modular sideboard and an extremely handy dressing table.

Dimension 900X500X1850
Picture Joost Paulissen


This funky sideboard has some options for you.
Stock your belongings in the large chest made in oakwood or present your beloved treasures in the small drawer finished with natural leather.

Carried by the steel frame you have a top in Grigio Venato terazzo and a silver tray to finish it.
Dimension 1600X450X1300
Picture Joost Paulissen


This multifunctional table is suitable for many activities in your daily routine. The open box and the ultra large drawers are so easy to transform to your daytime desk into the evening dinner table for all your friends.

Steel frame with an oak veneer 
tabletop .
Clean desk policy made easy.
Dimension160 x40x75
Picture Joost Paulissen


A custom made cabinet for a Brussels based record spinner.
Oak wood veneer combined with rough brushed aluminium on a steel frame.
Dimension 260x50x110